The Foundation


In 2012 the foundation “International Saxon Academy of Singers Torgau – Hartenfels Castle” was established by regional companies to guarantee the direction, financing and organization of the academy and to support and to protect the development of its activities.

Prof. Elvira Dreßen is the chair woman of the foundation.

The board of trustees comprises representatives of the College of Music and Theater “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” in Leipzig as well as important personalities from the world of art, politics, and finance, who are directly involved in the development of the Academy, and who expressly support it‘s concept.

The donors:


• Sparkasse Leipzig

• Torgauer Maschinenbau

• Stadtwerke Torgau

• Torgauer Wohnstätten GmbH

• Bauunternehmen Ezel

• Torgauer Verlagsgesellschaft